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Children's knits


Two-ply merino wool shawl warm and cuddly for baby to snuggle into.

If you have another lace pattern you would prefer, we are happy to knit that. Please discuss your requirements as soon as you can.

Growing up!!

They don't stay wee for long,

We have Glen Appin of Scotland kilts available in Black Watch, Lindsay, Royal and Dress Stewart from age 2 years in stock £13.

Miniature kilts for the wedding, christening or just because......

Wee kilt hose

An amusing and unusual gift idea for new infant son who has a Dad or Grandpa who wears a kilt.

Please ASK for measuring information.

Two-Ply Merino Wool Shawl

black watch

Black Watch Kilt

Lindsay Kilt

Royal and Dress Stewart Kilts

Kilt Hose
Wee Kilt Hose
£9 (approx. US$15)