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Campbeltown Fishermans' Jersey
(guernsey in other ports)

Fishing Boat Jersey

I was commissioned to supply a Campbeltown Fishermans' Jersey for an exhibition in Campbeltown during the summer of 2011. The theme being the fishing boats built in Campbeltown Shipyard, Trench Point.

The jersey pictured on the top right is the result

I incorporated the visual parts of a fishing boat.....welded steel plates, ropes, chains and nets, brought the styling up to date while keeping the integrity of the original jerseys.

Do you like it? ASK if you would like further information about this garment.

The design should be flattering to the 21st century figure. Lending itself to alteration for your personal measurements. You can view the wool colour range at

These Jersey's are very well designed working garments, closely knitted on thin knitting needles which kept the men warm even when wet, the very old garments show where the fishing hooks, of the line fishermen caught the knitting and pulled the stitches. The sleeves are knitted from the cuff to the shoulder and the old original garments show the various replacements, each shade of navy is different. To replace the worn out sleeves they were unravelled from the cuff to above the elbow and re knitted.

The women gathered to chat and knit the jerseys standing outside in the daylight, inside houses were too dark to easily knit navy blue or black wool. Remember, there was only gas, paraffin or candle for lighting.

The Loch had two fishing fleets, Campbeltown and Dalintober. Jerseys were black for one and navy for the other, some knitters worked gussets into the neck others would do button holes and sew on pearl buttons and were worn with silk scarves.

The jerseys were worn with great pride and a new one was knitted each year which was 'go ashore gear'. The crew members of each boat wore the same pattern and sometimes they were knitted in very fine silver grey, when they walked abreast up a 'foreign' quay that town knew the Campbeltown fleet was in and hitting the town!!

Original jerseys can be viewed in Campbeltown Museum and a display with knitted copies and lots of pictures and artifacts in Campbeltown Heritage Centre.

This jersey is based on a garment worn by a fishing crew in Campbeltown up to mid 20th centuary it is hand knitted in the traditional circular, seamless, West Coast of Scotland manner with under arm gussets giving ease of movement. It is a very warm non restricting but smart garment suitable for many situations.

We can knit one for you, to your own measurements if you wish.

Just ASK for more information and choose your preferred colour from It does not have to be navy blue.

If you have a specific family fishing garment of your own, and would like a copy we will be happy to discuss this with you, just get in touch. Remember the jersey is your family's equivalent of the clan tartan don't let it get lost and forgotten.

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NEW: Fishing Boat Jersey
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Original Fisherman Jersey
Priced from £115 + (approx. US$165 + )
depending on size required