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Kilt hose

We were challenged to undertake a pair of Lacy Kilt Hose from the book "Folk Socks" by Nancy Bush. It is a lovely interesting book well worth a read. The gent in question was so pleased with the result he willingly supplied these pictures of his legs clad in the hose to use as I wished.

Would you like a pair also? ASK The pair pictured on the right, are knitted in a medium weight wool.

All the kilt hose are hand knitted on 4 needles and are seamless, therefore
no ridges to rub the toes.

Traditional cable tops and ribbed legs


plain tops embroidered with your own logo and ribbed legs.

OK! you have that and you really like to stand out from the crowd?

Would you like a fancy cuff and legs with cables and diamonds

Or, really set the heather on fire

with textured dice cuffs to tone with your kilt or jacket. Diced cuff hose made
to order, enquire regarding delivery as these are made to match the tartan.

ASK to discuss your ideas or requirements, we are willing to rise to most
challenges, particularly if you have an old pair of hose which is past it's
best and you require a replacement. If you would like to have them for a
specific occasion please start discussions early, we need time!!

and don't forget the weans......

miniature hose for the wedding, christening or just because....

Talking about weddings!!

Enquire as early as possible, obtaining everybodys' measurements can take a long time to collate!

Click images for larger, detailed view

Lacy Kilt Hose
Lacy Kilt Hose
from the book "Folk Socks" by Nancy Bush

Traditional cable tops and ribbed legs
Priced from £25 - £29 (approx. US$41 - 47)
for 4 ply (fine) hose

Logo Kilt hose
Embroidered with your own logo
£36 (approx. US$59 one pair only available

Fancy cuff_hose
Fancy cuff and legs with diamonds
£32 (approx. US$52)

Diced kilt hose
Textured dice cuffs

£32 (approx. US$52)

Wee hose for the weans
£9 (approx. US$15)