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Kintyre Heritage Collection

Original garments designed by Anne Stewart inspired by the ancient artifacts of the Kintyre area. Garments are now available personalised in the Ogham alphabet. The Tree of Life tunic pictured to the right is an example. For further discussion on this option just ASK.

The Clay pot range uses the markings on locally found Bronze age pots displayed in the Campbeltown Museum.

These garments are knitted in New Lanark Wool which Anne discovered while searching for a specific shade of Aran weight wool to complete a design project. She now uses it increasingly as her clients and knitters are very enthusiastic about the 'feel' of the garments and the unique colour range.

This jersey is a very popular and comfortable aran weight garment, flattering for those blessed with broad shoulders. Sizing starts at 42" chest, but we can knit one for you to your own size. However large!!

We are now taking orders for delivery from January and beyond for any item from the Heritage Collection. Very few available from stock for immediate delivery.

A button up cardigan suitable for either men or women, with or without pockets


a sleeveless garment with what has been called 'a very accommodating fastening!!

ASK for further information and choose your own wool shade

The Ogam range was inspired by markings on an Ogam Stone found on the Isle of Gigha. This is a 3000 year old obelisk originally 30' tall. Check out for the history behind this ancient script

Gigha Sweater is a very smart, stylish, unique aran weight garment originally designed for Gigha Gallery

A finer double knit cardigan

The Regina cardigan is a warm, cosy but stylish garment for smart but casual occasions

The Ogam markings can be used on any garment from small children to very large adult. So.....if you would like a hoodie or a vest, very short or very long, just
ASK about it and choose your own wool shade

Tree of Life design
priced from £58 (approx. US$94)

Clay pot
Clay pot design
priced from £62 (approx. US$100)

Clay Pot
Clay pot cardigan

priced from £62 (approx. US$100)

Clay pot design
priced from £62 (approx. US$100)

Sleeveless garmet

Gigha sweater

Regina Cardigan
Regina Cardigan